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Smart Incident Detection and Handling System for Industrial IoT – SIDIO

Use Case 1: Smart Factory Use Case 2: Smart City
Partner SHS-Center
Future Intelligence Ltd
Current state of the art At the moment, there are no software systems designed for automatic incident detection triggered by relay protection devices during emergency events in the power system. This slows down the speed of power supply restoration, worsening the overall performance indicators of energy companies. The system proposed for implementation is designed to reduce the number of cases of improper operation of relay protection devices by:

  • continuous monitoring of serviceability of components and secondary circuits of relay protection system and devices and automation systems and operational notification of operational personnel about the occurrence of malfunctions;
  • reducing the probability of incorrect operation of the relay protection devices due to errors in their parameterization by the means of automated control of correspondence of the current setpoints of the relay protection devices and setpoints orders;
  • automated analysis of the operation of relay protection and automation devices and systems considering the information on emergency events and processes.
New techniques and innovating algorithms will be applied either on historical off-line or in real time data. These techniques will continually examine various conditions of the collected data, such as linear trend maintenance, linear trend analysis (i.e. calculation of linear trend profile), normality, etc., with main objective to find possible deviations from normal conditions, detect for malfunctions and failures and to point for alerts.

In particular a series of known and popular machine learning techniques, such as Support Vector Machines (SVM), Decision Trees (DT), Random Forest (RF), Back-propagation network (BPN) will be used for long-term optimization and also to prevent future failures and abnormalities on various operations of the IoT infrastructure.

Innovation of SIDIO Existing IoT platforms do not have components for a fault detection and recognition in a complex power energy system and do support complex notification processes between a large number of operating utility power companies and stakeholders performing dispatching and regulatory activities in the electric power industry. The aim of the project is to develop such components. The specific use case will be an extension to the IoT platform, providing the adaptation of technologies of the industrial Internet of things for deployment in substations and power plants on the one hand and dispatching centers and grid management centers, on the other. The IoT Data deluge has resulted in an abundance of data that flows in today’s data centers needing to be processed and analyzed. Current compute resources of IoT devices at the edge of the network are strained to meet the challenge of handling and processing this data. SIDIO will apply techniques and technologies that will allow the rapid and credible fault detection closer to the actual device providing results for quicker decision making. As the IoT solutions becoming part of more complex legacy systems, fault detection and recognition solutions like SIDIO will become essential for all operational installations.
IP of the partner in the project SHS-center IP is related to algorithms and software module for automatic relay protection and fault-detection. In 2019 SHS-center is planning to apply the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property for IP and in 2020 to apply for the Minister for Communications and the Media to be included in the single list of Russian software programs according to article 12.1 of the Federal Law „On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection“. Further usage of the mentioned above algorithms and software is subject for corresponding license agreement with any interested party. FINT IP is related to IoT data handling at the middleware layer as also the cloud platform responsible for the big data fusion, process and storage. The IPR Strategy & Foreseen Exploitation for this component will be based on two different service/product models: 1) Licensed model for SIDIO-based solution 2) Licensed for stand-alone solution/Collaboration with SIDIO platform.
Exploitation plan This project undermines the development of an intelligent relay protection monitoring and fault-detection software module which is intended to be a part of an integrated system for monitoring of the fleet of utility relay protection and automation equipment (end to end system). A typical business project for the development and implementation of such end to end system will involve, at a minimum, IP owners for the algorithms and software (SHS-center, FINT) , a system integrator and an end-user ( power utility company or SME service provider). Each IP owner carries out a project delivery of his own software to the system integrator by license agreement. System integrators will be responsible for after-sales service and maintenance of the mentioned end to end system on behalf of the end-user.

License agreement for SHS-center IP may vary from EUR 30 thousand for small scale project (up to 200 monitoring units) up to more then EUR 100 thousand for large scale project (over 3000 monitoring units). The sales are planned to begin at q1, 2020. It is planned that in the period from 2020-2021 at least 7 contracts will be signed for a total value of more than EUR 1 mio. Among some end users who have already expressed its preliminary interest in a such system we can mention: Federal Grid Company (Russian Federation), miscellaneous Russian power generating companies, MEPSO (Macedonia), HOPS d.o.o. (Croatia), Transelectrica (Romania).

FINT expects to obtain significant insight from the results of the SIDIO project, which will reinforce the company’s position in custom IoT devices and IoT cloud services fields while will generate a greater understanding of the viability of such solutions to its customers’. The company’s already provided IoT solutions and cloud services will be enhanced with SIDIO approaches introducing new series of industrial oriented virtualized solutions and applications. FINT at the moment participates in tenders that involve the transformation of legacy outdoor lighting into smart while adding smart city capabilities. The company expects to install smart lighting fixtures as also IoT nodes in more than 40 Greek municipalities in the following 3 years. This may result to more than 60k units and devices installed and operated in cities making SIDIO an essential component for fault detection in such large IoT environments.